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Air Miles are separately operated loyalty programs in Canada, the Netherlands and the Middle East. Points are earned on purchases at participating merchants and can be redeemed against flights with specific airlines.

A user of AirMiles wrote this on Ourbigfatwallet: I collect Air Miles with the BMO Air Miles Mastercard and recently reviewed my account balance. I was shocked to see how small the balance was – I have been collecting for years and rarely use them for anything other than an occasional short flight. I started to wonder if I should continue to save them or use what I have now and forget about collecting them in the future. The truth is this, its a SCAM !


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Sr Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of strategic direction and slow to get stuff done Infighting and competition between teams Mid management is smart and passionate but culture not reinforced at exec level"

Customer Care Loyalty One (Former Employee) says

"Shifts are mandatory but not flexible Never know when you will be let go High demands on performance whether it is the customer or not "Tied" to desk Breaks were regimentedFull Time WorkNever knowing if it was your last day"

Bilingual Customer Care Agent (Former Employee) says

"Great start for new Canadians that need to accumulate valuable experience. They can accommodate single mothers with flexible scheduling. Typical call center that places more importance on "metrics" than the customer experience when calling in to the center. Their Air Miles customers should come first. Management is more pre-occupied with how many seconds the employee spends entering customer information after the call has ended. Never mind that the customer had a great experience while dealing with the agent. If the owners of Air Miles are aware of this, then it's no surprise their customers have a negative view of Air Miles.Flexible work hours.Low pay, demeaning environment. Check your pride at the door agent 725899614."

Marketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A very good company to learn the ins and outs of data analysis and CRM. The work is challenging and the employees passionate. That is, until you get fired. They will blindside people by letting them go. They talk about retaining talent but yet they seem to be letting go of people that are the most engaged and happy. Like the job. Like the people. But don't drink the kool aid."

administratie, telefoniste en chauffeur (Former Employee) says

"Ik vind het leuk om zelfstandig te werken en als team, ook het bijscholen vind ik leuk. De te rustige momenten en te drukke momenten zal voor mij een uitdaging zijn, wel vind ik dat met mijn levenservaring je er anders mee omgaat. Meepraten over onderwerpen die me aanspreken op het werk of algemeen. Het samen sporten of teambuilding of samen eten vind ik erg leuk.lunch inclusiefgeen Happy Hour; gratis drinken als je nog naar huis moet"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Mettre a jour les informations des clients, répondre a toute les questions des clients, réserver les vols, voitures de location et chambre d hotel pour les clients. Ce que j ai appris, c est d avoir eu un bon training sur le programme et d avoir des très bonne relations avec mes supérieurs et collègues. Aspect le plus difficile : Travailler sous préssion pendant les périodes de pointe. Aspect le plus agréable : Travailler avec un bon équipement, un environnement et des très bon salaire, et avantage de taxis etait donnés a chaque employé terminant tard la nuitles francophone etait un peu défavoriser par rapport aux anglophone"